Monday Mourning

Many mauled The masjid wails Moslems mourn this Monday morning A man is murdered. my mind is mute. Why this Monday mourning?   #FinsburyPark


To Veronica’s daughter

I say your mum's gorgeous and you wonder why. Me saying your mum's gorgeous is ME complementing you, on a sly. (you look just like her)   I'm so thankful to her, for raising you with all these great attributes. This is a tribute to you both.


I saw his hard-sore features His head hanging downwards Staring at a paper cup filled with silver paint crying his beggars-blues, to hide his hunger pains I had a couple coppers in my pocket to offer him but, really... that wouldn't stop him suffering And it's funny, when I was younger, I told myself "I'd … Continue reading Untitled