The link between your hair and your power is a principle which has deep roots in African culture and spirituality, this concept has survived today in the philosophies of Rastafari among other modern Black religions.

According to the oral history, the inspiration behind the notty dread look was the Mau-Mau Uprising against British colonialism; this revolt was organised largely by the Kikuyu people of Kenya, between 1952–64 all the men of arms wore their hair in locks.

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 01.06.56
Image of Dedan Kimathi, A Mau-Mau leader

This connection between African warriors and their hair is very ancient widespread. It exist not only in East Africa, but throughout the continent.

Whereas modern western warfare we would associate low to bald heads with soldiers this was not the reality in many pre-colonial and traditional African societies.

For example in Yoruba tradition the military generals(Kakanfo) would shave all their hair, have 201 incisions on their occiput(fancy word for him “head-back” for my yardie dem) which would later be grown and plaited, this was done according to the Yoruba tradition to make him strong.

Kakanfo horse man
A Kakanfo on Horse back – watch the style!


likewise ancient  Kushite soldiers up on till the Beja warriors (called the Fuzzy wuzzy’s by the British) of the 1800’s wore their hair high.



Here’s Wretch 32 speaking about his hair

what do you think, is there any connection between hair and your inner strength, power ,overstanding or bravery


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