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Scene 5: Walking with Black Panthers


Description: In this scene we see a black and white picture where Kendrick is walking with a pride of Black panthers in a burnout forest, the only hint of colour is the gold bandana on his head.

Meaning: The burnout out desolate forest is possibly a representation of Post-colonial Africa, where the resources have been exploited or to bring it even closer to home the desolate forest could represent America’s ghettos. The mere fact that the director uses these bland shades of Grey and Black could be argued to place emphasis on the of the bareness and survival

The pride of Black Panthers obviously is related to the film ‘Black Panther’, but it is quite possibly also allegorical to the Black Panther Party, who through their political activities were able to lift up the poverty stricken and brutalised Blacks through out the states.

It’s possible Kendrick see’s himself as a protector of his community in the same way.


Scene 6: The Carnival scene


Description: in this scene we see SZA around 4 women who are dressed in flamingo pink feathered outfits, flapping their wings like birds.

Meaning: In many African religion there is masquarades where people dress up as god figures or spirits, in this one it seems to me that SZA is being initiated into this bird society. what do you guys think?


Scene 8: Special cloth alert


In this scene we see SZA and other young females on what seems like shacks covered by layers of African fabrics.

Meaning: This is possibly an ode to the popular Vlisco photograph that had a similar set up with African women sitting on a table, sporting multicoloured outfits.



Scene 9: The Four Female deities


description: In this scene we see Kendrick final destination in his discovery of self. He stands before four giant females in the water, they appear to be gods.


Meaning: I believe they are probably a representation of Oshun, the most famous traditional African deity, which comes from the Yoruba tradition. In the Yoruba Pantheon Oshun is the water goddess of love, luxury fertility and sexuality(among other things). The tradition states that Oshun was the only female god in an host of gods sent by the supreme god to cultivate the world, however the other male god’s neglected her, and ultimately failed because nothing can be done with out Ọṣun(the water of the world).

the message in the story and this video is we need women!

Whether they are meant to symbolises deities from African culture these four women and all the women in this video are without a doubt representation of the majesty and importance of matriarchal bond between the black children and their mothers.


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