The colours of this album is in contrast to Wretch’s previous album ‘Growing Over Life’ which is a sombre black and grey image, reflecting the reality of death and tragedy he’s dealt with. Growing Over Life displays an image of  an Adults open palm, which holds up the open palms of two children, symbolising the open conversations about family he has on that album.
 If Growing Over Life is tragedy, death and opening up – FR32 is Wretch’s rebirth – a more happy, grounded expression of his love for family, music and Black culture.
The balloon, the fist, what does it all mean?
The Balloon
The balloon is a symbol of celebration, the fact that it’s a candy red colour suggest a sort innocence and happiness. Wretch is celebrating his life, his freedom and the people he loves. The fist which grips this balloon suggest he is tryna hold onto that feeling
A Good Morning
“Last night weren’t my last night so now its good morning, top of the morning”
 The clear blue sky’s represent ‘the good morning’ he wants to see for his favourite women; his mother and spouse, as he illustrates in his track ‘Good Morning.’
The Fist
The closed fist is two fold, it represents strength and power, as opposed to the open palm which suggest openness. On another level it represents protest, reminiscent of the civil rights pose of Olympic medalist, Tommie Smith and John Carlos (real badman like Carlos).The grip of the fist ono the balloon relates to his lyric ‘time wont be on your side’ on the track “Time”.

The Crosses
Wretch’s last two album have more religious inflections whether it be ‘Church” the last song on Growing Over Life album or his “Thug’s Prayer” tune in FR32, both album speak about his religious connection to a higher force, this is the probable reasoning to why there are crosses which form his name in both album covers.

To conclude

The album cover conveys the mood of the album well.

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