“Who taught you to hate your hair?” and “Who taught you to hate your skin” was the questions Malcolm X asked in his powerful speech on Black pride and Black Nationalism, the Black and white video of this speech, I have watched over and over, contemplating how these questions are still so relevant today.

The question of racial-pride has been an important conversation among people of the African diaspora for ages,

“Kinky Hair Blues” Is a poem written by the Jamaican poet Una Marson in the 40’s where she speaks about the pressure of bleaching her skin and straightening her hair to conform to societies ideals of beauty.

The reality is underneath many straight hair weaves and wigs – are beautifully curled Afros hidden in shame, under the guise of “protective styling”, real name “self-hate”.

The reality is till this day Jamaicans, women particularly, but also a growing number of men bleach their skin subscribing to the more acceptable white ideal standard of beauty; These are the bitter fruits of Trans-Atlantic Slavery, this is why we can not brush history under the rug, and pretend it did not happen!

If you’d like to listen to the Malcolm X speech, click this link “Malcolm X Speech”, and for Una Marson poem click this oneĀ Kinky Hair Blues

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