5 Reasons Why I love Black Women

I love Black women because they are beautiful

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 18.29.00.png

African women come in many moulds and tones. From deep dark ebony to sunshine yellow. From Afros that stand like war statues to loose springs that never forget their form and to long silky threads that loom pass hip bones. There isn’t a feature, tone or quality that isn’t of African origin – in all these you will find beauty. Beauty men across the world have known forever. It is captured in the copper alloyed face of this Ife dignitary sculpture(Image on right) made six-hundred years ago by Nigerias great artisans. This sculture; the lips, the serene face, just a glimpse of African beauty.


I love Black women because they fight for us!

Black women have literally been fighting for usbelair.jpg – have suffered their skins being ripped, bones being broken and have faced death boldly for Black suffrage. From the battlefields of Haiti where one-third of the militias liberating themselves from slavery were Black women facing the might and bullets of Napoleons army, to the female Black Panthers protecting their neighbourhood from the trigger happy police men. from Suzanne Belair to Angela Davis to Diane Abbott to all the unknown heroines who fight for us in parliamentary committees, in school board rooms, on street protest, holding placards when we are slain without justice by cowards protected by a badge and faltering systems. Thank You, Yours Sincerely – Black Man.

I love Black women because they alone understand our experience!

They do not need to ask me why I marinated my skin in shea-butter and never, I repeat NEVER forgetting the elbows and arches between my fingers. I do not have to explain why Mike Brown could be me or be asked if I ever experience racism, because they know, even without knowing my name, the answer to those questions. They understand why my workplace is 90% Black but almost everyone who directs the task of the day are pale and blind to the fact they didn’t get that position because they worked harder than Jahmal.

I love Black women because I love voluptuous women!

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 13.54.30 the words of the great urban poet Anthony Ray, “I like big butts and I can not lie” – The high-esteem of voluptuous women is something deeply embedded in African culture and has been praised from the most ancient of days, the carving of Aminatore, the Nubian empress, shows the marvel of a thick Black woman – but Imma stop there before I start sounding cringe-thirsty.


Everyone that knows me knows that I’m Afrocentric as f#ck, so it would seem obvious to them that I love Black women by some default, but I can confidently say my love isn’t simply political nor is it charity. I love Black women because history and personal experience has shown me they are the most deserving of my love , but it’s not as simple as reaction to history, though my love of African women is as boundless as the pages of time. the reality is in our Afro-Carribean culture where many Black boys are raised by single mothers and the family is matrifocal, it is a Black woman, who first teaches us to love, and it is Black women who go most often unloved.






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