Black Panther Trailer, Afro-Futurism?

The Black Panther trailer caught me by surprise, It has an amazing cast, everyone from Forest Whitaker, Lupita Nyunga to Martin Freeman! What enthralled me the most was how the director Michael Coogler delineates a mixture of African cultures and art to make what maybe the first mainstream film to really showcase Afro futurism. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term Afro-futurism, it is essentially an artistic style which reimagines a Black future, while using Afrocentrism, science fiction and philosophy to critique current and past dilemmas of the Black world.

What is the dilemma in Black Panther?

The last voice we hear narrating outlines what the dilemma is when he says ‘the world is changing,  soon there will only be the conquered and the conquerers’ this speaks to the period of African Resistance to European colonialism, Wakanda is then a view of Africa unscaved by Europe. A city with flying space crafts, advanced weaponry and neo-futurist architecture with hints of traditional African architecture; if you didn’t notice the city features a building very similar to the Sankore  Madrasah. If you wanna read up more on Afro-futurism check this book


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