I try to capture the moment – I stare deeper into your eyes then onto your lips trying to find a inch of requited attraction, but none. I do however find essays on Feminism you’ve told to yourself a thousand times, you preach about rappers being dull and devoid of revolutionary purpose – the more I listen I turn on and tune into to your melodies and messages; “Cole is mediocre” she states to my horror. To my opposition. Cole is my favourite I reply, we are at odds with each other over that, but she’s given me reasons to not disconnect my line and remove her off my friend-list, she’s offered me love in the form of classical wordsmiths and genius, bold women who define themselves and question…everything. She is unique, she leaves me ego-less, she defies stereotype and commands attention, she’ll annoy many because she doesn’t comply, she doesn’t leave room to facilitate the mediocre.


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