Michelle Obama’s Afro

People wanna make a bigger deal of natural hair than it needs to be;

As if natural hair bonds you somehow closer to pride in blackness,

it’s hard to state this when we know many people who have perms, weaves e.t.c  still celebrate their blackness. James Brown for instance sang “Say it loud // Im black and Im proud!” all while having a perm(LOL) — his hair didn’t seem to have a sure bearing on his self-worth as a black man living in an anti-black US. But we can’t lie there’s strength in wearing yuh hair how it grows naturally – particularly black women, as it says “This is who I am” unapologetically, natural hair doesn’t hide behind the pillar of conformity, or cower to expectation.

I was listening to an interview by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the Nigerian Author (Gotta love that name) who argued that Black hair in particular is highly political; suggesting that the way someone styles their hair is seen as a indicator to their pro-blackness and other aspects of behaviour.

In the interview Adichie argues that if Michelle Obama wore her hair natural then Barack’s nay sayers would have attached labels such as “radical” and “black panther” to disaffect the support for Obama’s initial campaign. interesting aliee??

I think back to my cainrow days and how one day when I took em out and put my hair in one for college-  a girl approached me worried I was “stressed”.   IMAGINE! [a weh de bomboclaart]

Reflecting on how black hair is seen in our society, i think it’s important not to forget the history of slavery and its effect on how people feel towards themselves.

Malcolm X asked a very important QUESTION many years ago:

“Who taught you to hate the texture of your hair?” –

I’ll leave that for you guys to answer…


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