I was writing a Rap song today, (simply because Rap is super fucking cool ) seconds  after mumbling to myself and finding interesting rhythmic patterns, i discovered the theme of the song: global socio-political change with the words “the revolution won’t be televised” as a chorus.I’ve heard this phrase for years, I hadn’t really known what it meant, but none the less I continued to write. And as much as i’d love to boldly share the words, I’ll probably save it for another day.

Writing led me to discover the real meaning of “The Revolution won’t be televised”, which is that; true revolutions don’t start at the marches it starts in the heart, it’s the crying that happens before the die-ins,  and as honorary and symbolic as protest and picket signs are, life won’t change until people really start to question how they think. In the words of T.D. Jakes ‘There is nothing more powerful than a changed mind”. The word revolution creates imagery of chaos and violence too often,  but the same term has been used for periods that don’t involve the dismemberment of tyrannical edifices, or millions of people heading to the streets, for example the “Industrial Revolution” is more to do with the evolution of technology and family life, but typically revolutions speak of socio-political change, and I believe that every true revolution was sparked in the mind; with people refusing to accept the status quo.

The advancement of technology means many protest are documented, but no longer by state funded media but by our neighbours, and thus open for discussion. We have a tendency to believe that every revolution will look like Mandela coming out of prison; where the face of government changes, but i’d argue that it involves a mass change in mentality and the problems that we see today in America is rooted in it’s past. Although Americans are living in the post-Civil Rights Era, white and black still carry the scars of racism.Im going to say something that may piss people off, but I believe that the darkening of the police force won’t end the tumultuous relationship between Law enforcement and poor African American communities, if fears of the young “black criminals” and “racist cops” subsist.

The revolution won’t be televised because it involves an inward battle and starts with normal people choosing to step outside of what’s comfortable.

I hope you guys enjoy this piece, tell me what u think, it’s open to discussion.


3 thoughts on “The Revolution Won’t Be Televised

  1. This is amazing! Perfectly stated! Couldn’t be more eloquent!
    Most people, most young people, do not realise that true change happens with a changed mind. It’s amazing to come together, to be and fight in the streets, to chant for our freedom, but when it’s all done, would you be free without a changed mind? The Revolution is made of anger, reaction and consequent action. Without these three it’s a mere waste of time. Thank you for sharing your thoughts in this article.

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