I have this little boy, he’s my One and Only Son

I’ve become so protective ever since he loss his mum

I don’t go clubbing and  I never go out!

and if I meet a girl I like, I don’t invite her to the house ,

until… she came around

she changed my mind.

Her name’s: Valentine

She’s born on the fourteenth of February I give her two presents for each event!

trust me she worth every penny.

‘Cos before her my nights were long and my bed was sleepless

the things I did for fun, weren’t fun. They were dumb and needless

and now she’s the closest…well

the second closest thing to my Son;

I call her: Venus

Man, Woman and Child having fun in the park.

QOTD: “Never lie down in depression, get up and live!”  – Daynewrites


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