Delight, was once in production

but that was all changed,

replaced by destruction

and hate.

Hate grew in abundance, as

the came in with mayhem, no warnings

saw rapings,

gun blazing, blood pouring

Red. Yes we were misled,

mistaken success for misfortunes

they came in then left the next morning

Happiness stopped passion died love froze

but from a distance a voice spoke: Independence

Joy had deceased! depression was now born

freedom and progression were now torn

and the flowers of acceptance; were now thorns

Tears and screams,  Tears and screams

Tears that stream down lifeless-cheeks

hidden by smoke.

screams that screeched unable to cope


could no longer find


and love could no longer find


Sadness evoked.

the world now seemed to hideous for the poorest

to gaze upon,

they spent days upon days , upon days trying to find ways to escape, but everywhere they

only saw empty books

who waited on their decedents, to imprint his philosophy

on how to embark upon: Independence

Please comment and tell me how you feel about the poem 🙂 thanks


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