If your a Musician or have ever watched a concert, you’ve probably seen Artiste performing with their eyes closed, it’s very particular to music, it’s really similar to the way we pray. Sometimes, we close our eyes to think; to balance thoughts and memories we’d rather forget. Close our eyes to sneeze, to kiss, and at climax we enter “La Petite Mort”; Bliss. We transcend beyond this present time and space with both eyes closed. Musicians claim to feel the music more with their eyes closed: as if its just them and their instrument,  BOTH EYES CLOSED as if to connect to the spiritual force of sound.

Its sad

At times we close our eyes to the Grandeur of God to forget how much he cares for us and how far we’ve walked away from his light. Both eyes closed.

We observe pain and experience pleasure with both eyes closed. We close our eyes and pretend War doesn’t exist, children aren’t starving, disease is distant. It’s about time we open our hearts and hear

The truth

Closing your eyes won’t get you closer to the rhythm, we must not close our hearts to the pain of others or pretend somehow their grievances is inferior to our own hurts and aches. Though it may comfort us, we must not, spend eternity (of this life! or the next) with

both eyes closed.


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